Fannie Mae Collaboration

FHN Financial Capital Assets Corporation and Fannie Mae are collaborating to provide banks and credit unions with a turnkey solution to better manage the residential mortgage portfolio held on balance sheet.

Who is FHN Financial Capital Assets Corporation?

FHN Financial Capital Assets is the mortgage and consumer finance arm of FHN Financial, the fixed income division of First Horizon Bank. Our unique business model assists depository institutions with better education on the risks and utility of the mortgages they originated to hold on balance sheet as long-term investments.

The Mortgage PPA

Our Mortgage Portfolio Performance Analysis (PPA) is a best-practice tool that provides banks and credit unions with detailed analytics on the investment performance of the retained mortgage portfolio.

Beyond the typical credit profile of mortgages, our analytics put the following at your fingertips:

  • Composition Summaries
  • Liquidity
  • Valuation
  • Interest Rate Volatility
  • Prepayment History
  • Collateral Valuation Trends
  • Credit Risk Layering
  • Peer & Trend Comparisons

Other Key Benefits

When considering strategic options for the mortgage portfolio, as a Fannie Mae/FHN Financial Capital Assets customer, you'll enjoy consistent prioritization and execution.

In addition to the robust critical metrics in the PPA, you'll gain access to a full suite of services that takes a pro-active management approach, including:

  • Guidance in the very unique seasoned bulk transaction market
  • Identification of most impactful balance sheet strategies
  • Minimization of exposure to potential repurchase risk
  • Negotiated exceptions and variances improve pull-thru
  • Ability to achieve best pricing through MBS or cash transactions

Why the Collaboration with Fannie Mae?

FHN Financial Capital Assets and Fannie Mae have a proven relationship spanning more than 25 years of working with hundreds of depository institutions on a wide variety of seasoned portfolio mortgage strategies. One of the many common goals we share is a commitment to bringing liquidity to the depository market. We do this by shining a spotlight on the special programs Fannie Mae has developed for seasoned portfolio mortgages. Additionally, we highlight how eligible seasoned loans can be used in highly effective balance sheet strategies that address many of the challenges and opportunities you encounter in the course of the year. After all, increased understanding of the mortgage portfolio and the many strategic uses of seasoned mortgages are crucial to better balance sheet management. Our collaboration with Fannie Mae gives you immediate access to these valuable resources.

How Do I Take Advantage?

The first step is running a Mortgage PPA, at no cost to you.
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