Afternoon Update: Follow the Bouncing Tweet

  • The longer the pandemic extends, the more pronounced the differences among different regions of the US. Between what FHN Financial has termed “high” and “low” impact states (where “high” is bad), it is increasingly difficult to explain away the disparities in terms of active cases/million simply by what “stage” the infection has reached.
  • On the one hand, the ability of about 70% of the population to avoid the worst outcomes so far is a positive. Unfortunately, the disease’s full fury on a large percentage of the country is sufficient to create nationwide health concerns and long-lasting shutdowns.
  • Tomorrow’s Weekly Report will have more details but here’s one statistic to frame the picture. The 11 high impact states have a weighted average of 1,450 cases/million. The low impact state average is 235 cases/million. Yet, patients in both groups – when they are struck down – have almost identical severity rates.

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