Through FHN Financial, you have access to state-of-the-art technology for trading and investing in jumbo certificates of deposit (CDs).

These CDs are fully FDIC insured, covering both principal and interest. Our CD exchange program uses brokered CDs from banks across the country to make $1 million jumbo CD blocks that are FDIC insurable up to $250,000.

Through this program, we hold individual CDs in book form, so each transaction is done with one wire transfer instead of multiple individual purchases to equal $1 million. These CDs are priced so that you receive par at maturity.

We calculate and sell our discounted CDs on a simple interest basis of actual days elapsed over a 365-day year. Because we convert all rates to the same basis, you can easily compare issues. With just one wire transfer, you can instantly diversify your portfolio.

Our collection of issuers includes more than 500 participating institutions — 100 of which have outstanding CDs currently issued through us. Accordingly, we have a deeply diversified pool of investors.

All CDs offered are quoted on a standard basis for easy comparison. The yield and price quoted is net to the investor.